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Eyes and DIY’s

I posted a complete story on A Storied Man. It’s called “Midday in the Garden Center of Good and Evil,” and it’s about my shoplifting adventure. What’s the statute of limitations on that, anyway?

Shannon went to another eye clinic Monday. There was not much they could tell her, really. The woman who performed the evaluation told her that dropping her current doctor was an option, the major drawback that she would be worked up and billed just like a new patient.

Barring any further difficulties, she’s going to stick with her current doctor. He didn’t actually “mess up” her surgery; Shannon just happens to fall into the 5% who have moderate post-op blurriness. In fact, he’s a leader in Lasik and IntraLasik. He’s just as warm as a robot.

The good news?

She can get a new pair of glasses to keep her from having a three-month headache.


Sunday, my friend J and I bought 128 square feet of 3/4″ plywood to put in our attic. We cut the first 4′ x 8′ sheet into halves and nailed them in place. That gave us a place to set the scrap carpet and vinyl flooring left up there by the builders. I told J there was no reason for both of us to be up there hammering nails in the baking heat. We cut the rest of the boards, and made shallow channels for lots of wires that the builders just draped across the beams.

I plan to nail the rest of the boards in place Wednesday after work. Then we finally can move much of the clutter from the garage.


In a related DIY story, I helped my buddy Alvis tear out and replace some drywall that got soaked when a water heater seam burst. No, it’s not a “hot water” heater. That looks even dumber than it sounds.

Before pic on left, after pic on right. He and his wife learned how to hang and tape drywall when they did some mission work. All of it was a first for me. Ripping out a wall feels good. I reminisced about the “What’s Happenin'” episode wherein the gang believes treasure sits behind Roger’s walls.

[photopress:DSC_5942.jpg,thumb,centered]    [photopress:DSC_5944.jpg,thumb,centered]

8 Responses to Eyes and DIY’s

  1. “No, it’s not a ‘hot water’ heater.”

    Yet, at times, I just can’t stop myself from saying it. And every time I do, mentally I say, “Sheesh.”

    Thanks for the help, AB. :)

  2. Well, it sounds like your wife’s surgery didn’t go exactly as planned.
    Do they say WHY that 5% doesn’t work so well?

  3. I am very careful to say either “Water Heater” or “Hot Water Tank”. But you can’t hear the capitalization when I say it.

    I can recall quite vividly the very last time I experienced anything with shoplifting. Since I don’t know the answer to your query about the statute of limitations, I’d best not say any more either.

  4. I was confused with the “hot water heater” thing for a moment. I’m not sure how I refer to it since all of these phrases are in my head now, but I will be sure to say it correctly in the future!

    Attic storage is so wonderful. You’ll be so glad you made the effort to lay the flooring.

    Best of luck to Shannon…..**rubbing my eyes for her

  5. It is hard not to say “hot water heater” when you’ve heard and said it all your life. I think I’ve broken myself of it. Another one is, “I’m making tuna fish salad.” Maybe it’s just a colloquialism, but I’m pretty sure “tuna salad” is descriptive enough without including a redundancy.

    Not sure where we got those stats. I don’t think it was from the doctor who performed the surgery. The source didn’t say why there is a variance. Frustrating thing is that he came recommended by more than one person — but they didn’t have any complications. Much easier to deal with jerks when you don’t have to ask them to do anything but the basic required interaction.

  6. So sorry to hear about the difficulty Shan is having with her eye-sight!! “HELLO, paging Dr. Intra-Lasik’s bedside manner…has anyone seen him?” Sounds he should watch the movie, “The Doctor,” or read the book “A Taste of My Own Medicine.”

    Mark, you are getting to be a regular handy-man. We’re impressed…next thing you know, you’ll be quitting you day job! Love the zoo pics!!

  7. Mark (and readers)…sorry about the mistakes in my comments! UGH! Darby, my 3 year old, is potty training…she pooped twice during that entry (TMI, I know)!! Woohoo for Darby…disgrace for Mommy :)

  8. Go, Darby, go!!!
    Push it out,
    shove it out,
    waaaaaaaay out!
    (Sorry, couldn’t resist that one)


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