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Regular Life

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost

Thinking of a Blog Change

No stones to speak of yet. That kind of thing doesn’t run in my family. I was the lucky one.

A buddy of mine e-mailed me Monday morning to say that he had to have a stint put in his ureter to help his 10 stones make the journey. I remembered that he missed some work because of his kidney stones, but I didn’t know the extent of it. As the Fonz would say, “Yikes-amundo.”

I just have to remember that there are some people who have much worse kidney problems than I. Many people go through dialysis every day. I can accept some mild to moderate discomfort. Suffering is relative, however, so I might still mention it if it doubles me over.

Two of the kindest people I’ve met went each day to the dialysis clinic. He was on oxygen 24 hours a day, and she was so ill she could barely manage to get into the car. Nevertheless, every morning Bob would drive Betty to the clinic, where he sat for hours with her as her blood was cleared of impurities. No nicer neighbors could be had, ever.

They are a source for inspiration and therefore will be in a blog entry soon.

Thanks to those who read “The Mighty Finger” and especially those who commented. My brother confirmed parts of the story as fact, not legend. It kind of got buried in the Pages section, so I’m still ironing out the method I want to use when I have a short story to post. I don’t like to post completed stories in one chunk, because readers often don’t have a lot of time to sit reading an entry that runs into the 1000-3000 word range. One study showed that the average blog reader shifts his or her attention after about 500 words. At the same time, I don’t want to keep my main blog tied up for too many days, as I prefer to keep it free for late-breaking thoughts (or just broken thoughts).

I’m considering moving to a three-column design. I’ve read that there’s a way to have a separate blog running in one of the sidebars. Might try that. Or, at the very least, something to announce when a new Page is posted. I don’t like using the first sentence of my main blog entry to announce a new story in the Pages section, so this might fill the bill. Fit the bill? Horn the shoe? What am I talking about?

Bottom line is, I don’t want new readers to have no idea the Pages section is there, and because it will be updated less often than my blog, I don’t want existing users to have to check it every time they visit.

Hmm… anybody have some feedback on this? I’ll stop, as I’m nearing the 500-word mark. I guess you could call me the 500-word Mark. Or ignore that I just typed that.

2 Responses to Thinking of a Blog Change

  1. Not sure how I’d like a 3 column format…. try it and see I guess.

    What do you use to write this anyways?

  2. MD…You’re on a roll. Just punnin’ away. Three column, two column…whatever passes your stones. I mean, floats your boat.


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