Regular Life

Regular Life

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost

Archive for January 2006

Bob and Betty

I walked into the room and saw her sitting there in a sofa chair upholstered yellow-gold, while a little 13” color TV sent out light and sound waves of “Everybody Loves Raymond.” Her favorite moments in that show were Ray’s father saying, “Crap!” Betty’s arms were so grotesquely black and blue that I had to… (read more)

Thinking of a Blog Change

No stones to speak of yet. That kind of thing doesn’t run in my family. I was the lucky one. A buddy of mine e-mailed me Monday morning to say that he had to have a stint put in his ureter to help his 10 stones make the journey. I remembered that he missed some… (read more)

Organ Grinder

I’m about to give birth. I think I’ll name him Rocky. Sandy? Or there’s the more obvious yet less mainstream Stone. I’m talking kidney Stone here. Never had one before now. I have feared them for the past year, since one co-worker had a bad bout with them and another had a small attack. I… (read more)

Second Time Around (and pic of the week)

The summer of 2004, I did something I’ll never forget as long as I can remember anything. For many it’s impossible, because it only happens before they ever take a breath. At age 30-something, I helped escort my mother down the aisle and give her hand in marriage — to my dad.

GRE and GT

My senior year in college, my highly anticipated GRE results arrived. Their percentages and bar graphs suggested that I learn to say, “Do you want fries with that?” in several languages. On the literature section (my field), I was in a very select group I came to call The Bottom Four Percent.