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Regular Life

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost

A Pot to P*ss In

Ben Takes a Trip to Tinkletown

Ben did a tiny toilet tinkle Tuesday night. Somehow, after soaking the changing table pad in two short bursts, he still had some left for the ultimate target. He rarely does anything like that when his diaper’s off, so maybe this is a sign he’s ready for the bigtime. Before that night, several times his interest had wandered toward the toilet with an accompanying, “Ben go potty.” And here we were thinking we’d wait until after the holidays, then hit the potty training with all we got. Sometimes they’re just ready, and you need to go along with it.

Of course it probably didn’t help that any time Ben would express interest in using the potty, in my ignorance I would put his step-stool in front of the toilet, stand him on it, and encourage him to let’er rip. Evidently boys are supposed to learn this skill sitting down before they try to master the whole “point and shoot” concept.

For now we’ve been placing him carefully on the back of the toilet seat and keeping his feet from dipping into the bowl. We’ll get a training seat today or tomorrow, and this weekend should be our first valid attempt at starting Ben on the road to Tinkletown. No more silent running for my boy. Nope. He shall be heard.

My Seven Things

Here are My Seven Things, in response to a challenge from Simian Farmer (in my Blogroll on the right).

Icy Hot

We hit a record-high (for that date) 89 degrees on Sunday, hit 19 degrees with freezing rain and sleet last night, and are predicted for a record-low (for that date) 14 degrees very early Friday morning. It’s June or December. Take your pick. We’re just riding an atmospheric roller coaster here.

Speaking of the weather, check out the crazy storm-chasing photo galleries on display here. Beautiful and ominous images abound. There’s the cheesy sound of a heartbeat on the first page, so it takes a second to load.

7 Responses to A Pot to P*ss In

  1. Hey, dude, your link for your seven things in the above entry is wrong. However, the one on the side works. I’ll have to come up with seven things when I get the time.

  2. Seven things don’t work bud…

  3. Oh, and have I ever mentioned you should read this:

    It’s the most hilarious “man’s version of fatherhood” that I’ve EVER read!
    This guy’s almost as good as CBB in his writings.

  4. I fixed the Seven Things link, and the weather photos link. Sorry, folks, when I copied and pasted this entry from the editor I use, the quotes in the link code got converted to something funky that makes them not work.

  5. So, we’re both “The Princess Bride” fans huh!

    I could watch that every day forever… and still love it.

    I LOVE Western Europe… I hope you get to go soon bud.

  6. Ouch. Shouldn’t have clicked on that irony link at work. I couldn’t go to it, but I was blocked for “Adult Content.”

  7. Not to worry Alvis, it’s not that kind of site.
    You do have to check it out though, if even at home.. you’ll die laughing.


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