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Regular Life

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost

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Back to Blog Business

It’s nice to be finished posting the Bessie story. Thanks to everyone who read it, and a special thanks to those who left comments. I’m considering keeping a separate blog for stories I post in the future. I didn’t want to interrupt the story, yet I found myself missing the ability to throw out a… (read more)

Bye-Bye, Bessie, Bye-Bye

Apparently a man accused of killing a police officer was on the lam, and the police thought perhaps I had “driven through” their little “roadblock” to help him escape. They asked me to open the trunk, which I gladly did. Bessie’s trunk was huge, so they took their time poking around. I stayed aware of… (read more)

Rebuilt Bessie Fights Authority

Remember when I mentioned that Bessie’s sister car was the Plymouth Volare? That fact is not lost on body shops. When I got her back, the sisters had become Siamese twins. Her bumper, hood, front quarter panels, and grill were from a Volare. The fake leather top was still there, so Bessie had not lost… (read more)

Bessie’s Return

Rear-ending a Camaro on a major highway was not something I could hide. Let’s re-visit that adventure now. That fiasco promised to cost my dad a lot of money in insurance rates alone, even if he had left Bessie for dead. I had heard of parents yanking their kids’ driving privileges after incidents like that…. (read more)

Bessie and My Savior

The road to Trav’s house included a turn off the pavement, onto a country road covered with very loose gravel. I showed Travis what fun it was to fishtail the back end of Bessie (then nameless) around curves. He didn’t seem overly impressed, probably because his brother used to drive his Plymouth Fury like a… (read more)