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Regular Life

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost

Archive for October 2005

Near Miss in the Old West

It was just Ben and me. A man and his boy. Father and son. The bond that can be neither understood nor broken. Or something like that. Now, on to complete sentences. Well, mostly. Ben and I headed out at about 6:00 Friday evening, and finally got to my mom and dad’s at 1:15 a.m…. (read more)

Swallowing Goldfish

Here’s a history of how swallowing live goldfish began (at Harvard), including a back-and-forth battle between schools and the records set throughout the years. See? The highly educated can be just as stupid as everybody else. Sheesh. No doubt most of you (that’s two?) have heard that an Assembly of God Church actually included swallowing… (read more)

Deep Thoughts on Aliens

A friend sent me a link to SNL’s Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy, and I had to share this one, considering my previous post. If aliens from outerspace ever come and we show them our civilization and they make fun of it, we should say we were just kidding, that this isn’t really our civilization,… (read more)

What if We’re All There Is?

I’ve been reading a lot of science fiction lately, but stay with me on this. What if we’re it? What if the creatures of Earth are the only living things in the universe? Authors and scientists long have fantasized that we are not, but we have yet to find any proof otherwise. I think. Given… (read more)

Backseat Flashback

If you are a grown person and can help it, do not take an extended ride in the backseat of a Ford Explorer with another adult, a two-year-old, and a dog. By “extended ride,” I mean any time whatsoever. Regardless of who’s driving, your mother, brother, father in-law, best friend, just do not do it…. (read more)